New welding gun wins German Federal Innovation Prize 2016

Heinz Soyer GmbH from Wörthsee has won the Federal Prize 2016 for Outstanding Innovative Achievement in the Craft Trade at this year’s craft trade fair in Munich.

The prize was awarded for their innovative stud-welding gun PH-9 SRM+G, which was exhibited at the fair. Thanks to the integrated earth connection, the need for separate earth clamps when welding is now a thing of the past. The time-consuming and awkward process of fastening two separate and symmetrically arranged earth clamps to the workpiece is now superfluous.

Mass transmission takes place via a contact ring spring-mounted on the support tube. In combination with the SRM® technology developed by Soyer, this prevents the dreaded blowing effect resulting in one-sided concentration of beading and unsightly scorching of the workpiece.

This technical innovation means major reductions in the workload as well as a marked improvement in product quality and safety. It is currently awaiting a patent (No. 10 2015 221 384.6).

Since 1989 our family-owned enterprise has been awarded the German Federal Innovation Prize twelve times.

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