CNC stud welding machines

CNC stud welding machines

For many years we have been developing and producing customised stud welding machines in all sizes. We provide a truly broad range: from medium-sized, semi-automatic stud welding machines up to large-sized fully automated CNC machining centres.

Our in-house produced weld fasteners are perfectly matched to our stud welding devices and machines and guarantee consistently high-quality welds. Naturally, we are also pleased to provide other customer-specific solutions and options on request! Just give us a call!

Overview CNC stud welding machines

TypeKTS-1050 CNCKTS-1550 CNCKTS-1550 W CNCKTS-2600 CNCKTS-4000 CNC
Dimensions of table board (X x Y)1000 x 1540 mm1305x 2080 mm2119 x 2000 mm1819 x 3310 mm2580 x 5000 mm
Clamping surface (X x Y)800 x 1020 mm11100 x 1570 mm11850 x 1300 mm1450 x 2600 mm2250 x 4200 mm
Load capacity of table board100 kg150 kg200 kg250 kg250 kg
Working area X-axis2800 mm1100 mm1750 mm1270 mm2050 mm
Working area Y-axis1020 mm1570 mm1300 mm2600 mm4200 mm
Headroom300 mm300 mm300 mm300 mm300 mm
Positioning speed400 mm/s400 mm/s500 mm/s500 mm/s500 mm/s
Operating accuracy± 0.15 mm± 0.15 mm± 0.15 mm± 0.15 mm± 0.15 mm
Repeating accuracy± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm± 0.05 mm
Dimensions (w x h x d)31480 mm
2050 mm
1975 mm
1780 mm
2050 mm
2575 mm
2500 mm
2050 mm
2200 mm
2060 mm
2050 mm
3000 mm
2300 mm
5500 mm
Weight4650kg950 kg1300 kg1650 kg3900 kg
Appurtenances / AxesBall screw and servomotor drive module in closed loop
Motor-driven Z-axis (servomotor)

1 Usable clamping surface with SOYER® earth clamps (item no. F05709)
2 Equipped with one welding head as standard. For each additional welding head (maximum of 4 heads possible) the working area is reduced by 100 mm
3 Dimension of the machine without control system and device unit. Deviations are possible depending on accessories
4 Weight of the machine without control system and device unit as well as without optional sound protection hood. Deviations are possible depending on

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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