Stud Welding Guns

You have decided on one of our top stud welding devices and still need the necessary accessories? You already use a stud welding device and are looking for a new or more suitable stud welding gun for your stud welder? Here you will find a selection of different stud welding guns. Our compatibility lists Capacitor Discharge CD and Drawn Arc DA & SRM will help you make the right choice for your stud welding device. We will be pleased to assist you find the right stud welding gun for your purpose.

CD - SpitzenzündungCD = Capacitor discharge
  • for thin gauge material
  • for clean & flat sheet surfaces
  • for M3 – M10 studs
  • for metal, plant & casing construction

DA - HubzündungDA = Drawn arc
  • for highly stressable welded joints
  • for large stud diameters (M6 – M24)
  • designed for the toughest operating conditions
  • for steel, machine & container construction and shipbuilding industry
SRM - BolzenschweissenSRM = Magnetic field stud welding
  • for large weld studs (M6 – M16) on thin sheets
  • ceramic rings no longer needed
  • specially for automation and large scale component production
  • for metal construction, mould construction, food industry

Do you need help choosing the right welding gun?

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