Stud Welders

You can count on our powerful and well-thought-out technology – stud welding devices from Soyer. We offer you practical full sets comprising a stud welding unit, stud welding gun and an accessory set with earth cable, stud chuck, operating instructions and much more. Here you can find an overview of our equipment technology. You have the choice between different types of equipment for various welding processes: capacitor discharge (CD), drawn arc (DA) and SRM® stud welding devices.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose between different welding processes:

CD - SpitzenzündungCD = Capacitor discharge
  • for thin gauge material
  • for clean & flat sheet surfaces
  • for M3 – M10 studs
  • for metal, plant & casing construction

DA - HubzündungDA = Drawn arc
  • for highly stressable welded joints
  • for large stud diameters (M6 – M24)
  • designed for the toughest operating conditions
  • for steel, machine & container construction and shipbuilding industry
SRM - BolzenschweissenSRM = Magnetic field stud welding
  • for large weld studs (M6 – M16) on thin sheets
  • ceramic rings no longer needed
  • specially for automation and large scale component production
  • for metal construction, mould construction, food industry

Do you need help choosing the right equipment?

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