Award Euroblech 2016

More mobility and flexibility in stud welding

At the Euroblech 2016 trade fair in Hanover, SOYER – a specialist in fastening and joining technology – introduced the possibility of welding oversized studs using a mobile miniature device in pocket format. For this they were awarded the innovation prize “Award Euroblech 2016” in the category “Joining Technology”.

In conjunction with the stud-welding inverter BMK-12i, the newly developed welding gun PH-9 SRM12 allows you to weld studs made of steel and stainless steel up to M16 onto thick and thin metallic workpieces without using ceramic rings and so achieving first-class welding results without weld bead and weld splatter. Reworking of the workpiece is therefore hardly necessary any more.

In addition, thanks to an innovative gas shroud on the PH-9 SRM12 welding gun, shielding gas consumption was reduced by up to 90%. More than 10,000 welds (HZ1-8mm) can now be performed using 2 litre mini gas bottles making large, heavy and classic gas bottles a thing of the past. 3). Since the BMK-12i welding inverter has also been reduced to a minimum in size and weight (7.8 kg), the entire system has drastically reduced energy consumption thanks to innovative technologies. Now, the sky’s the limit in terms of mobility, flexibility and fields of application i.e. mechanical engineering, container construction, vehicle construction, shipbuilding and apparatus manufacturing.

A patent has been recently applied for this innovation (Pat. No.: DE20201610092

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