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Environmental protection

Our priorities

We are a future-oriented business. We feel responsible for minimizing the consumption of resources and for producing sustainably. We have been environmentally certified for more than 20 years. By continuously improving our environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2015 we strive to further minimise the environmental pollution we cause to ensure sustainability for future generations.

Solar power:

In order to make production as environmentally friendly as possible, we have been generating our own electricity since July 2019. On four company buildings a photovoltaic system has been installed with over 1500 modules and a capacity of 472 kWp. We thus ensure a largely climate-neutral energy supply.


SRM EcoWeld

Up to 70% energy reduction due to our SRM technology® while still providing maximum welding performance.


Existing lights have been replaced by modern LED technology for further energy reduction.


If possible, we work with suppliers from the region to ensure short transport routes. An ecologically oriented corporate culture plays an important role in the selection of suppliers.


Avoidance comes before reduction and recycling. This is our concept. This includes comprehensive waste separation for a maximum recycling rate to protect the environment.


For short distances and running errands, we have already switched our vehicle fleet to fully electric vehicles. For this purpose, there are two E-charging stations on our company premises. These can also be used by visitors to the company using electric cars.

Soyer E-mobility:
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