BMK-16i stud welder

The all-rounder BMK-16i with SRM® function is ideal for universal welding tasks up to M16. Owing to its multi-functionality, this tried and tested robust welding inverter is equally suited for different welding procedures such as stud welding, electrode welding and TIG welding. On request, the stud welder is also available with automatic function.

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    • Welding range: M3 – M16 RD or Ø 2 – 13 mm
    • Material: Steel, stainless and heat-resistant steel (aluminum and brass, depending on requirements)
    • Power connection: 3 x 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 32 AT, other voltages on request
    • Weight: 36.5 kg

Order No. (Automatic): P01341

Order No. (Standard): P01340


Suitable welding guns…

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